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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 23, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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a number of big breaking stories top this hour in the cnn newsroom. it's being called the norwegian equivalent of the oklahoma city bombing. a homegrown terrorist kills 140 people, most of them children in an attack aimed at taking over the u.s. government. a meeting between the president and the white house lasted only an hour today. this hour, new information on the next step republicans plan to take and when. and -- ♪ breaking news out or london, singer and long time drug abuser amy winehouse is dead in her home. and sexting took down a u.s.
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congressman, but you know who sexts the most? i'm don lemon, the news starts right now. >> i can't understand really what happened. >> two attacks in norway, at least 92 people dead, 85 of them at a youth camp. seven dead in a bombing in the capital of oslo. so far, one man arrested and charged in both attacks, that man identified by local media as anders baring brevin. police now say they haven't ruled out the possibility that others were involved, the accounts in the youth camp of utoya island are chilling, witnesses say a man showed up in a police uniform, reportedly he asked to address the campers and started firing. because the camp is run by norway's ruling labor party, investigators believe this attack could have been politically motivated. the attack followed a car
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bombing outside a capitol building in oslo. norway's prime minister calls this the country's worst atrocity since world war ii. these kinds of attacks were unimaginable in norway before now, but as our jim bolden reports, norwegians today are adjusting to a new reality. >> as oslo woke up saturday morning, the terrible truth had already been confirmed. more than 80 young people had been massacred on utoya island. 600 to 700 were there for the weekend. there was nowhere to go as the shooter used his machine pistol for two hours, say witnesses. throughout the morning, survivors of the island massacre gave harrowing accounts of how they escaped. >> i heard him yelling, i'm going to kill you all and we also die he pointed his gun at me but he didn't pull the trigger. he left then returned an hour
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later when a new other people had gathered around me and then people started running around because they didn't know where to run. he suddenly showed up. >> reporter: the alleged shooter arrested on the island friday also officially link by police to the terrible bombing in central oslo. a 32-year-old norwegian man, police said they are investigating his extreme right wing views. >> he's a free mason, this suspect and he could police and monitoring potentially dangerous groups, continuously. we cannot provide further details or specifics on this guy. this guy has not been on the police radar it seems. >> reporter: in an early morning press conference t prime minister said he feared he would know some of the young people killed on the island he visited every year since 1984.
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>> it's difficult when these people i know, and i know quite a few of the people who lost their lives, i know the parents of several other who is lost their lives and this happens to be the place where i and my fiance became politically active and earlier today, i was at the paradise for youngsters turned into hell. >> reporter: there were a number of government buildings badly damaged friday, the prime minister called on all norwegians to do what they k to aid the biggest one-day killing in the country since the second world war. we're going to have more on this with a live report from utoya island. the countdown is on, president barack obama and congressional leaders are going nowhere fast in their attempts to cut a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling, but there are signs of movement just the
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last few hours, kate bolduan is standing by, kate, i understand that speaker john boehner held a conference call just a short time ago with house republicans. >> i just want to give you a little update, there seems to be a lot of fluid parts that we're tracking this afternoon. we have been told, my completion dierdre walsh and ted barren say that all the congressional leaders that are involved in these negotiations, they're sitting down? just about a half an hour for a meeting and we'll be in there, we're at least told we'll get a photo-op of that. we'll see if they're going to be taking any questions, we'll see the democratic leaders harry reid and mish mcconnell and john boehner sitting down together. but to that point that you were talking about, that conference call that house speaker john boehner called with his members, this happened after the meeting a the white house, and we're
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told according to an aid familiar with this call, john boehner told house republican members that she was working toward a package, if you will, a package of 3 trillion to $4 trillion. it is significant that he does say that he's trying for this package and also says that their goal is to try to have something for members to review in the next 24 hours, so really, at some point tomorrow, because they would like to get the legislative ball rolling by monday, but in terms of that two steps, that might be a tough sell because beer not sure that democrats have yet signed on to this bill. we have been calling democratic members and have not yet been able to confirm that they have signed on to this bill. so we're not sure yet if this is a bipartisan package. we know from a statement that the white house spokesman put out following the white house meeting that in this meeting,
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president obama reiterated his opposition to any type of short-term extension, and as part of the statement that jay carney put out, the white house spokesman, he said this, he says as the current situation makes clear, it would be irresponsible to put our country and economy at risk again in juchtd a few short months with another battle over raising the debt ceiling, congress should refrain from playing reckless political games with our economy. we'll have to see how the white house feels once they see if this is the deal coming out of congress. but we'll be tracking that, don. >> kate, thank you, we'll see you live at the top of the next hour after that photo-op. and for the latest on the negotiations, be sure you watch "state of the union tomorrow." candy's guest will be timothy quiter, 9:00 a.m. eastern, sunday morning on cnn. ♪ >> it is breaking news that is amy winehouse singing her hit
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"rehab" it carries historical significant right now, officials found the grammy winning singer dead in her apartment. wine house became as well known for her addiction problems as for her talent. we're joined now live from london with the very latest. do we know anymore about the circumstances that led police to her apartment, anita? >> don in the last hour police came out to address reporters just outside of amy winehouse's north london home and they made a statement confirming what we already know that it was indeed amy winehouse who was found dead in her apartment this afternoon here london time. they're still saying that her death is still uncomplained and that a post mortem hasn't taken place yet and only then they will have a definitive idea of what caused her death. as we know, her substance abuse, drug addiction as well as alcohol addiction has been well
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documented not only in hiss songs but also in tabloids as well. not to mention also the performances that she had, many fans saying basically she just didn't seem with it. her latest performance on her european tour back in belgrade ended early with fans booing her off the stage. she cancelled the rest of her tour with a record company basically saying that she needed to go into rehab and she agreed, but she did go but she checked herself out a week later. she was last seen according to reports earlier this week with her god daughter supporting her god daughter who was also an up and coming singer. some are saying she looked happy, but until we know as to what caused this untimely death, police are just saying that it's unexplained at this point. >> we have the video of her performance in belgrade, she couldn't stand up, she couldn't
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sing, she was basically mumbling, the band members were trying to help her out. we don't know what caused it, but chances are, let's just be honest because of her past, and this is her in belgrade, hopefully monita this is not what she will be known for because she is such a talent. i'm wondering what the reaction was and what the atmosphere is like now in london. >> reporter: you know, you say that you hope she would not be remembered like that, but i think a lot of people will remember her like that and the fact of the matter is she was a promising talent and one of the local reporters in the newspapers here saying she emboded the best and the worst of the music business, her voice was compared to the blues and jazz singers of the 1940s and 1950s. and she had such promise and she was living up to that, she was living up to that promise, but everything else, though, it came into such highs of her fame also
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came with such lows of the way we saw her, you know, with bloodied shoes and tattoos, but just bloodied shoes and of course being drunk out in public and just, you know, completely out of it as people are saying now. >> she was a mess, let's just say it, she was a mess. what are we hearing -- we're hearing reports from neighbors and neighbors may have heard some noise early saturday morning at her house. >> reporter: we're not hearing much at this point right now, again, police are being really tight lipped as to what was happening around the early hours of the day or of the night. but what happened what is happening right now outside her london home, our fans are pouring in, they're dropping flowers and lighting candles and paying tribute to this young woman whose life ended just too young. the management at the time just kind of stepped in and put
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her in a rehabilitation center, but she didn't really need it. >> two months ago the singers staff issued a statement saying they were doing everything they could to, quote, return her to her best after she cut short her european tour. celebrities often don't give themselves enough time to recover. that's according to dr. drew pensky from our sister network hln. >> when an opiate addicts goes into treatment it could take months and years to treat. celebrities and musicians, they return to the road or they return to their careers far too prematurely and it's far to predictable what will happen. people look at these stories and say oh, addiction treatment doesn't work. the crazy thing about addiction is part of the disease is a disturbance of thinking, where the addict themselves convinces
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themselves they don't need to listen to or do what they're being told to do and if they do the recovery process on a daily basis, if they just do it, they'll be fine just the way a diabetic is fine if they take their insulin three times a day. the nation bakes in 100-plus-degree temperatures in some areas. is there any relief in sight? and men and women who cheat, who sends more explicit photos of themselves. and you can reach out to us on twitter or facebook, and the book is called "transparent" about my life and my journeys, it's sold at barns and noble and and anywhere books are sold. r somet? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet.
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the new video just in to cnn, it's out of north london and the person you're seeing, the body quite frankly being put into that private ambulance is the body of amy winehouse, police have confirmed that it was her body just a short time ago. the 27-year-old singer found in her north london flat dead this morning. and they don't know the cause of the death yet, but they are investigating and we will continue to -- roads and highways flooded triggering flash flood warnings for most of the day, nearly
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90,000 customers also lost power in this heat. can you imagine, a busted metro service disrupted and there were hour-long delays at o'hare's international airport. yes, it is summer, but the heat wave that's gripping much of the nation is-when it's this hot the i wou elderly and the very young. horses are not exempt. we found a horse that knows how to take advantage of a sprinkler to get the most out of its sprays. we remember with brianna keeler, the heat and the humidity is literally affecting our equipment. so if you go outside with a camera, it will fog up, and that
2:18 pm
means that photographers have to give themselves about 20 minutes before we have a live shot to help it defog. here our live shot location on the north lawn, we're dealing with the heat index at 113, also these concrete risers just radiating the heat upward. and these hot tv lights, they don't really help either. so what we're trying to do is above all stay hydrated, wear cotton and when all else fails, my photographers have been nice enough to set off fan down there to help keep me cool during our live shots. >> we have one very special block that's finding a way to stay cool. today we opened up the fire hydrant with this giant wrench. we also have a sprinkler cap to keep the water down, we're not usinging a lot of water, but it's keeping everybody cool. >> they are having fun, but you
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know what? as we said, it is down right dangerous. joining us now with more on the nation's heat wave is jacqui jeras. like you said, it's dangerous and it's deadly. more than 30 people have died in this heat wave so far and unfortunately those numbers are probably going to continue to go up. a little bit of a relief out there but not before some records are being broken. these just in from the national weather service, kennedy airport reporting a record of 102, philly at 100, as well as north little rock, arkansas, and a look at what it looks like in central park today, you'll want to stay in the shade because that's the best place to be in, try and get maybe a little bit wet from some of those found da mountains as well. that's part of the problem, this is covering many, many states, the humidity levels are extremely high, so your temperature on the thermometer
2:20 pm
doesn't have to say 100, it's the temperature that your body feels and it's feeling 105 in kansas city, 105 in memphis, and the northeast corner now in with this as well. we call this a big heat dome or an area of high pressure that's stacked up miles into the atmosphere. and we think of high pressure, we think high and dry, right, beautiful, sunny weather. but in high pressure systems, the air is descending and when it descends, it come presses, when it compresses, it heats up so when you're closer to the center of this dome, you're seeing higher temperatures, for example it's hotter in new york city than it is in georgia. now that's going to start to sink south and as a result we're seeing showers and thunderstorms across the great lakes and they're going to push into the northeast but that will bring a change in your temperature and bring your humidity down, so boston, new york city, looking much better for your sunday, but d.c. on southward, you guys are going to stay hot through the weekend into the early part of next week. still a long way of summer to
2:21 pm
go, don. >> that's a new term, a heat dome, i have been hearing all your meteorologists say that, what exactly is a heat dome? >> it's that area of high pressure where it heats up and when you're in that core, that's where it's the hottest. the music community mourns the death of amy winehouse, the grammy award winner lived a very troubled life. we'll talk to webdy walsh, a human behavior expert next. [ bell chiming ]
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an amazing voice. music lovers the world over are mourning tonight, knowing the soulful voice has been silenced. as we reported, london police found amy winehouse dead inside her apartment today. she was just 27 years old. joining us now is our resident human behavior expert dr. wendy walsh and we want to stress that police don't know how winehouse lost her life. her substance abuse problems were well chronicled. some artists just can't concur their demons. no one could have been a bigger fan of amy winehouse than i am. i mean just a voice from god. and then she just couldn't get it together. and quite frankly, in the last part of her life, she was a mess, you saw her on stage. it was just terrible. >> yeah. you know you got to remember, don that, great art, often, but
2:25 pm
not always comes from a place of pain and pained artists often turn to drugs to self-medicate. and you know that's sort of a terrible cycle. then the addiction becomes the issue. but for those fans about to sit back and watch a woman, an amazingly talented woman build a career on a song saying she'll never go to rehab, this is very tragic, but it's not really shocking. >> yeah, really sad. >> okay, we're going to move on. we're going to move on and we're going to wish the best for her family and when we find out the exact nature of her death, we'll bring it to you here on cnn. let's talk about another wendy, wendy dung, she's a media mog mogul's wife. she slapped away a pie attacker. you follow the pink, you see her arm at the edge of the screen, watch, and then then dung's 38 years younger than more dock, i should say, bomb, and then she
2:26 pm
hits her. so she's been called everything from a gold digger and whatever. that slap, is that a sign of true love? >> that is a sign of true love. you got to remember, this woman may be 38 years younger than him, they've been married 12 years, as rich as he is, she's only had three wives, his first marriage was like 20-something years so this guy is not a big player, and as rich as he is, he deserves a young, hot wife, don't you think? and i think if she's doing her job -- >> go ahead. >> i cheer for her, i think she's fabulous. >> who cares if they're 38 years apart? i don't really care. from tiger wives to sexting ladies, a new study found among people who cheat, women sent
2:27 pm
suggestive photos of themselves than men. >> generally women don't send lewd pictures unsolaiciunsolici. but this study was done on a website that marketed towards cheaters, so these are people looking for a sexual affair, so of course, they're going to be doing that. women are using sometimes nude pictures as a calling card because it's a sign of female sexual freedom and also i got to say, don, good men are hard to find. see when i say good men, monogamous and has a job because more women are in the work force now, a lot of guys got laid off in the recession, so there's a lot of female to female competition and we know what men like, men like those pretty pictures, although it's not a good idea, i'm not endorsing it by any means. >> i want to go back tosome, let's go back to amy winehouse, a when with talk about addiction
2:28 pm
and abuse and those kinds of things, we want to put it under the carpet that it wasn't really going on with amy winehouse? >> because when people pass away, it is a time where we want to express condolences, it's a time of tragedy, and we don't want to place any blame, even if they have died at their own hands and i think that's why people are being a little bit careful. again, we don't know the complete cause of death here, and weather people die of overeating or overdrinking or whatever, there was always some psychic pain that came first, that's more interesting to me. i'm curious about the first five years of her life. because i believe that tells it all and sets up the stream for where people are going. i mean i don't think that the drugs are the issue, they become the issue, that is the addiction takes over, but prior to that, it's about the psychological pain and what happened to her that caused her to need this. >> very well put and that's wie we have you here. >> details continue to emerge in the senseless shootings in norway that killed at least 92
2:29 pm
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announcer: when life's this hard, it's no wonder 7,000 students drop out every school day. visit and help kids in your community stay in school. there were people falling around me, i did not want to show any indication of life and i did not see him. >> a survivor describing how he avoided the gunman who shot up a youth camp in norway. 85 people died in that camp.
2:32 pm
the mass shooting followed a bombing in the capital. oslo which claimed at least another seven lives. right now police have a single suspect in custody. utoya island, what's happening at the scene now. >> and we're about three miles from the island itself, nobody's on there, other than the imbeds but this hotel behind me, i got to tell you has been the scene of real sadness today, and bits become a bit of a community standard, at of the families of the kids who survived this and some of the kids who did not survive this and have gathered here, there's been a lot of counseling going on, this is a real community center. and what's tragic is a lot of those kids have left now, we spoke to them earlier in the day, but there's parents behibtd me right now who are waiting for word of their kids. there's still four kids maybe five who are still missing,
2:33 pm
there's been police divers out in the water and looking for them today. as to the tragedy and the heart ache continues. we have talked to a couple of kids today who told us heart breaking stories of how they survived this and the things they saw. we have got a couple of clips of survivors of this. i want you to hear what they have got to say. >> it was about 20 to 30 of us trying to swim over. i saw a few of them being shot in the water, and it was very powerful water, you could see the water breaking around them and you could see when the water turned red. >> we need to keep together and we can't let a coward like that stop us. because going on to an island with only youth and executing them and they have no way to escape, that's a cowardless act. >> there's been a real stoicism among the people who survived this. they said if this camp was held
2:34 pm
next week, they would go. they say they don't want to be defeated by what this guy did. but the mood around norway is, as you would imagine, just somber. and when you think about it, one shooter, 85 bodies, it is staggering, don? >> it is and what about the suspect, are police still questioning him, michael? >> reporter: yeah, they have been questioning him all day, they have been describing the sessions as difficult, but he is talking, they have yet to get to or they have yet to tell us they have gotten to his actual motivation for doing this, but we do know he's a right wing chris fundamentalist, he has written anti-islamic things online. i was talking to the defense minister, i was having a chat with her a little while ago, and that's one of the things that struck them to, this bombing, this shooting. and this is a very peaceful
2:35 pm
country, a very open sort of society, a very tolerant society, a place where you can walk down the street and bump into the minister of defense going to get lunch. that's kind of going to change now. >> michael holmes. thank you very much, sir. so you're caught up on the headlines, this is the latest from washington on the debt ceiling talks, congressional leaders from both parties are expected to meet just minutes from now as they continue to work towards some sort of deal. they met this morning at the white house with president obama, but that meeting lasted less than an hour. a republican aid says that speaker john boehner is trying to come up with a deal in the 24 hours or so, let's hope they do it. five-time grammy winner amy winehouse is did. police found her in her apartment and the cause of death is unexplained. a neighborhood reportedly heard screaming coming from her house on friday night.
2:36 pm
she cut short her european tour after stumbling and becoming incoherent on stage. a cross made of steel, beams from new york's fallen world trade center is now as its permanent new home. it was moved from a church in lower manhattan to the nearby site where the national september 11 memorial and museum will stand. a construction worker discovered the perfectly formed cross standing uprite in the rubble of ground zero. it was blessed by a priest before it was moved. a polish native was the first foreign born chairman of the joints chiefs of staff. he recently voiced a repeal on don't ask, don't tell, a ban on openly gay and less bee unanimous troops. imagine a doctor delivering your baby but the hospital keeps your child until you pay your bill. we'll tell you where it's happening and what's being done to fix it.
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okay a hospital delivers your baby, but the hospital keeps your child until you pay your bill. does this sound crazy? in indonesia, it happens all the time. but this week's cnn hero has come up with a solution.
2:40 pm
she's an arizona native who moved to indonesia to offer free birthing services to the poor. >> the moment a woman falls pregnant in indonesia, she is 300 times more likely to die in the next 12 months than if she was not pregnant. if you have money, you can get excellent medical services, but the poorest people don't always get the services they need. in the hospital here, you cannot take your baby home until you pay your bill. sometimes the mothers wait outside the hospital all day long waiting to get in to feed their baby and to change their baby's diaper. >> my name is robin lindh, i'm a midwife. my own sister died as a complication of her third pregnancy. so i was just really crushed. i came to bali to reinvent my life. hi, baby. hi. we started a clinic run by
2:41 pm
indonesian midwifes, we offer prenatal care, birth services, no matter how poor they are, no matter their race or religion. we teach new graduating classes of midwifes how to do a more natural gentle birth. the women can stay as long as they want. >> robin helps poor people. she cares about me very much, like my own mother. i'm extremely grateful. >> each baby, each adult deserves a clean, healthy loving environment. those are human rights. >> remember cnn heros are chosen from people you tell us about. to nominate someone who's making a big difference in your community go to cnn los angeles police have arrested two new suspects in a brutal beating outside dodger stadium on baseball's opening day. the man they first said was
2:42 pm
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we understand what a long road it is for the lapd, what they have ahead of them, so we're really just waiting for the legal process to take shape. >> okay that, man's name is johnny stow, he reacted to news that the lapd have arrested two new suspects in the brutal beating of his cousin brian stow. holly hughes, a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor, always good to see you. this is making headlines nationwide, brian stow has brain damage and then earlier this week he had to have an emergency surgery. so how did the lapd arrest one guy then clear him a few months later, when they arrested two new suspects? >> what happened was they were getting reports that this first fella that they arrested was the suspect. they put his photograph in a lineup, he has a criminal
2:46 pm
history, he's been affiliated with a gang in the past. it's unclear whether he still is or not. they had four different people who picked him out of a lineup. so they were confident based on those eyewitness identifications. then some additional evidence that came to live. there was another man who was seen fleeing from the beating. that's when police took a step back and said wait a minute, maybe we need to go further, they dug up cell phone records, they were able to locate where each of these people were at the time and they figured out the men they had in custody were not it. >> giovanni ramirez never came together. why would the police chief and the mayor do that. >> they had four people who had positive id identification. this is something we hear about
2:47 pm
a lot in the criminal justice system. >> we see all these people being exonerated on dna because they were convicted on eyewitness testimony. they were confident, they had all these witnesses, but there's two things in play here that we need to be aware of. number one the check and balances because the prosecutor said despite the fact that you're confident, that's not enough evidence to charge this man, we're not going forward, so the buck stops there, he wasn't charged and additionally the police stepped up when they realized they had the wrong people and said we don't want to go forward. we want the right criminals and they went out, they bit the bullet and said, our bad, we did make a mistake, we're going to rehim and get the right guys in custody. >> dna and videotape. that's it. let's go to georgia now t state of georgia executed a convicted murder this week, something that has never happened before happened.
2:48 pm
they rofrd recorded it, it was videotaped why would they do that? >> it was right here in fulton county, this is home turf, right down the street from where you and i are sitting right now. they made a motion saying we want to video this for future arguments to the court of appeals and subsequently it's going to go to the supreme court of the united states with this new lethal injection thing because we want to see what happens to these people as they're executed. we want to be able to prove cruel and unusual, which is a violation of the eighth amendment. that's where they're going with this. >> are they -- >> listen to what judge lain did, judge benson said yes, you can go ahead and video that for future evidence, but it's sealed immediately. nobody gets it. it's not released. nobody's getting a hold of it. i'm putting it under court seal as soon as it's done. so she did not stop the defense or any future people who oppose the death penalty from having
2:49 pm
that as evidence but she did protect the integrity of it and the privacy of the victim's family in this case as well, as the execution -- the person who was executed and his family, excuse me. >> i have to go here, i have less than five seconds, but we always want to ask, the woman who was walking with her son, didn't go through the crosswalk here in georgia, can she be criminally charged and prosecuted? is it going to happen? >> it's going to happen and she's going to be sentenced, don, and it's horrible. >> he was just walking and it was a hit and run. a comedian overcomes incredible odds, he refuses to let his automobile accident. we inspect your air filter, cabin filter. there's bugs, leaves, lint, crud. you'll be breathing that.
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2:53 pm
making people laugh. when he was a child he dreamed of becoming a comedian. if you would have asked him at 17 he would have said his biggest obstacle was fear of failure. that changed with a horrific car accident and his family feared the worse. >> had to remove part of his skull cap. >> he had a collapsed lung. he lost a spleen. >> he was in a coma for about three weeks. driving home one night i just thought oh, my god my son has a brain injury. does he have a future? >> do you need somebody to pick you up tonight? >> robert can give me a ride home. >> after years of physical therapy, will did recover. but he lost a lot of his independenten. he couldn't drive. meaning he had to depend on his parents to give him rides. had to rely on his friend. he had to put his dreams on hold. >> i loved doing comedy. there's no energy in this world like being on stage. >> will didn't give up. he was determined to overcome his brain injury.
2:54 pm
with the help of this. a device called the electronic driving coach. it helps cue will so he doesn't get distracted. >> scanning ahead. helps you to be safe. you do best when you plan ahead. >> and a driving instructor and will has learned to drive again. >> i tend to be a day dreamer. i get distracted by my own thoughts. it's great to have michele in the car cueing me. when she's not cueing me, i have the device. >> it's taken over a year of practice but today he's driving alone with just the device at his side. >> it's awesome to just have that independence, for me to able to have control of my life. to feel like an adult. >> and, he's back on stage. performing stand up comedy and applying to graduate school to share with others the joy of making people laugh. >> i think i know where all these fours and fives coming from.
2:55 pm
>> dr. gupta, cnn, reporting. >> i'm sure you've heard about comic-con. a lot of people here are making fun of me because i don't know that much about it. we'll tell you all about it coming up next.
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
i'm amazed. i'm overwhelmed, actually. action figures. >> the fois for our kids. >> it's the mecca for all the trek injuries storm troopers and x-men this weekend. the san diego comic-con is a massive pop culture celebration with a fantasy and sci-fi bent. for those who don't get it and don't be ashamed if it's you, here's actor seth green to explain. >> people come to comic-con expecting something. if you don't like any of this stuff you won't have any fun. would you go to an electronics trade show if you had no interest in electronics? when you walk into comic-con what you'll be bet with is an overwhelming amount of visual stimulus. it's all this specific to the genre of sci-fi and space heroes.
2:59 pm
it's become a little bit like a sundance because some of the most major motion pictures that are being made now are based on comic-con properties. i had a tipping point myself a few years ago at comic-con where it ceased to be the nerdy safe haven where geeks like myself could commune. if you intend to survive comic-con, you should have passes for every day you are there. you have to hydrate. no matter how powerful the air conditioning is in the convention center you're overwhelmed by the amount of people. and a list of events that you want to witness and check them off so you can strategize a path through there. very difficult to maneuver. there's a lot going on.


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